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Farm & Ranch Innovations

We grew up on farms and ranches and still live in rural America now. We understand how challenging rural life can be. When things break we need to fix them. Solutions for common and well known problems often need a boost to benefit as many farmers and ranchers as possible. Our innovations are great solutions to solve some of your challenges and problems. They are conceived in the field and locally produced to insure a quality and durable product that solves a challenge you face daily.
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Animal Care & Therapeutics

We love our pets and animals whose care we are entrusted with. Anything we can do to make their daily lives less stressful and more enjoyable is of interest to us. Our innovations are safe, simple, affordable and easy to use. The health and well-being of the pet and livestock is of the highest interest to Vogeler Innovations.

Construction Innovations

Vogeler Innovations honors and respects our skill trades-people who dedicate their day to make things better for all of us. Our innovations and new ideas are dedicated to their work-ethic and desire to do things better, faster and safer.

Incubating New Ideas

Our founder is an active thinker and while working on his ranch and farm considers how to solve some of the daily challenges and problems he faces. We always have new ideas in various stages of consideration and development. If you have a problem you would like us to solve, please send us a note. Check our web site often as we add new ideas and products on a regular basis.

What Our Customers Have to Say

My ReelFast electric fence reel has been a game changer. Miles of fence that I don't have to manually spool and store. The system is so unique and easy to use.
Shane K.
ReelFast Customer

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